[80], This institution was created after the French Revolution in Lyon. Pour votre inscription, veuillez renseigner les champs ci-dessous : J’accepte de recevoir des informations de la part de SNCF Voyageurs SA - TER par1 : 1Conformément à la règlementation applicable relative au transfert, à la collecte, la conservation et la sécurité des données personnelles, et en particulier, la loi 78-17 du 6 janvier 1978 dite « informatique et libertés » modifiée et le règlement (UE) 2016/679 du Parlement européen et du Conseil du 27 avril 2016 applicable depuis le 25 mai 2018, toute personne, justifiant de son identité, peut exercer ses droits d'accès, de rectification, d’effacement et d’opposition, ainsi que ses droits à la limitation du traitement, droit à la portabilité de ses données, et droit de ne pas faire l’objet d’une décision individuelle automatisée (y compris le profilage), en adressant une demande à donnees-personnelles-ter@sncf.fr, Accès aux quais toute la journée (du 1er au dernier train), Lignes 04-35-50-52-54 : Lyon - Ambérieu - Annecy - Chambéry le 10 janvier 2021 (PDF, 310.2 Ko), Lignes 05-24 : (Marseille) - Avignon - Valence - Lyon du 04 janvier au 12 mars 2021 V7 (PDF, 223.28 Ko), Ligne 05 (Marseille) - Avignon - Valence - Lyon du 4 au 10 janvier (PDF, 268.65 Ko), Ligne 10 : St-Etienne - Givors - Lyon du 13 décembre 2020 au 10 janvier 2021 (PDF, 114.16 Ko), FH 18 : Montluçon - Vichy - Lyon du 13 décembre 2020 au 10 juillet 2021 (PDF, 115.48 Ko), Ligne 09 : Le Puy - Firminy - St-Etienne - (Lyon) du 13 décembre 2020 au 10 janvier 2021 (PDF, 63.59 Ko), FH 06 Clermont-Fd - Vichy - Roanne - Lozanne - Lyon du 13 décembre 2020 au 04 juillet au 2021 (PDF, 113.38 Ko), Ligne 04 Annecy/Aix - Lyon valable jusqu'au 10 juillet (PDF, 123.58 Ko), Ligne 01 : Grenoble - Bourgoin-Jallieu - Lyon / valable jusqu'au 10 juillet (PDF, 151.09 Ko), Ligne 03 : St-Gervais/Evian/Genève - Bellegarde - Lyon du 13 décembre 2020 au 10 juillet 2021 (PDF, 258.67 Ko), Ligne 10 : St-Etienne - Givors - Lyon du 11 janvier au 10 juillet (PDF, 146.75 Ko), Ligne 20 : (Paray) - Lamure - Lozanne - (Lyon) jusqu'au 4 juillet (PDF, 569.83 Ko), Ligne 24 : (Dijon) - Mâcon - Lyon valable jusqu'au 31 janvier (PDF, 160.47 Ko), Ligne 32 Bourg-en-Bresse - Lyon valable jusqu'au 3 juillet (PDF, 128.35 Ko), Ligne 35 (Chambéry) - Culoz - Ambérieu - Lyon du 13 décembre 2020 au 10 juillet 2021 (PDF, 127.28 Ko), Ligne 54 : Chambéry - Lyon valable jusqu'au 27 juin 2021 (PDF, 166.43 Ko), Ligne 10 : St-Etienne - Givors - Lyon du 08 jan au 31 mars 2021 (PDF, 205.24 Ko), Ligne 05 (Marseille) - Avignon - Valence - Lyon du 11 janvier au 10 juillet 2020 (PDF, 471.1 Ko), Ligne 24 (Dijon) - Mâcon - Lyon / du 1er février au 4 juillet (PDF, 162.6 Ko), Ligne 01 : Grenoble - Bourgoin - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 384.58 Ko), Ligne 03 : St-Gervais/Evian/Genève - Bellegarde - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 330.85 Ko), Ligne 05 : (Marseille) - Avignon - Valence - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 416.92 Ko), Ligne 10 : St-Etienne - Givors - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 373.62 Ko), Ligne 20 : (Paray) - Lamure - Lozanne - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 336.03 Ko), Ligne 24 : (Dijon) - Mâcon - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 423.84 Ko), Ligne 32 : Bourg-en-Bresse - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 298.77 Ko), Ligne 35 : (Chambéry) - Culoz - Ambérieu - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 419.21 Ko), Ligne 54 : Chambéry - Lyon / Jeudi 07 janvier (PDF, 321.68 Ko), Lignes 03 : St-Gervais/Evian/Genève - Bellegarde - Lyon du 13 au 27 février 2021 (PDF, 228.73 Ko). [32], While the Charles de Gaulle government pushed for the decentralization of France, car-centric urbanism from the Trente Glorieuses fuelled peripherical growth at the expense of city centres. Elle est desservie par de nombreux TGV, des trains Intercités et des TER Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. [37][38][39], The program evolved under the mandate of Mayor Pradel, not only by pushing for housing construction but also for encouraging the construction of an administrative centre and private office space to host public services, such as radio and police stations. La Part-Dieu shopping centre is undergoing renovations according to a design by, Silex2 is a contemporary 129-meter-tall extension crowned by a spire, leaned against an 80-meter-tall, Émergence Lafayette residential high-rise, Underground air-cooling facility to power air-conditioning systems, Tour To-Lyon will be an office, four-star hotel and services tower providing conference and trade shows, located beside the railway station and Béraudier Plaza, to be completed around 2023 by. [75][76][77], Bourse du Travail theatre was constructed between 1929 and 1936 in art deco style by Charles Meysson, chief architect of Lyon. La gare de Lyon-Part-Dieu est l'une des premières gares de correspondance de la SNCF aux niveaux international, national et régional. The consultation room of this golden-clad secure building currently hosts a large collection of maps, both public administrative and private reserves, notarial archives and documents from the historical library, from the year 861 till today. To that end, La Part-Dieu differentiated itself from the historical center with a strong architectural identity by offering high end tertiary activities and public services. For example, Garibaldi street, once a main urban highway, has been revamped as a part of a green path going from Tête d’Or Park to Sergent Blandan and Gerland Park. It has recently being added to a catholic school by AFAA architecture firm. According to La Part-Dieu SPL area, this 3rd arrondissement district is roughly limited by Garibaldi street to the West (Rhône Docks and Place Guichard district), Juliette Récamier to the North (Brotteaux district), Maurice Flandin to the East (La Villette district) and the former La Buire automotive plants to the South (ZAC de La Buire). 20 people work on urban, economic, human and resources related problems. [10], Tour Swiss Life was designed by Christian Batton and Robert Roustit and completed in 1989. With 817 trains passing through Lyon-Part-Dieu daily, this transport hub serves regional, national and international connections. Three decades later, the Halles were put in line with safety standards. [73][74], This concrete shell was named after the famed Lyon musician and was drawn by architect Henri Pottier, assistant of urbanist Charles Delfante. [32], Lyon had to become the "Balancing Metropolis", relying on regional cities like Grenoble or Saint Etienne, that fought the impoverishment and depopulation of urban centers, owing to a network of highways passing through La Part-Dieu. 21h23. Durée du voyage: 1h55. ), national and regional headquarters of leading consultancy firms (EY, Mc Kinsey, Adamas, and Manpower) and global headquarters of international groups (April Group and Elkem Silicones). Mercure Lyon Centre - Gare Part Dieu (Mercure Lyon La Part Dieu) - Situé à seulement 900 mètres de la station de métro les Brotteaux, Hôtel Mercure Lyon La Part Dieu offre des chambres non-fumeur et du Wi-Fi gratuit dans le hall. Les trois relations régionales qui ont le plus de trafic sont Lyon – Grenoble, Lyon – Valence et Lyon – Saint-Étienne [réf. The embankment of the Rhône river and construction of bridges ( see Bridges of Lyon ) led to the management of flood risk and urbanization of the eastern Rhone bank from 1772 onwards. However, several renovations fixed the sound issue. Possibilité de trains directs et de trajets avec 1 à 4 correspondances Ma correspondance se fait à Lyon Perrache à 11h32. It also wished to establish a proper European business district doubling its office supply by densifying the area with 7 highrises such as the Swiss Life and Oxygène Tower, although most proposals were scrapped, because Lyon was focusing elsewhere. [12], The current 3rd arrondissement Mayor is environmentalist Véronique Bertrand-Dubois. Ainsi, c'est tout naturellement que des emplois rejoindront la métropole de Lyon et que le développement de la Part-Dieu se fera. This page was last edited on 29 November 2020, at 09:46. Drop-off and parking lot zones will be located underneath it, next to a tunnel extension. 5, place Charles Béraudier 69003 Lyon . These large departure boards can be found inside both main entrances. Montluc prison opened in 1926 from the existing fort. Bouchut street beautification and extension. [32] [32], It promoted the separation of human and car flow through the use of "above the street" concrete structures, in a La Défense fashion, allowing for car supremacy on the lower street level, while overhead orthogonal architecture standing on reinforced concrete stilts followed the Unité d'habitation principles. The hotel ibis Lyon Gare La Part-Dieu is located in the heart of the business district, in a fully renovated environment 500m from the SNCF station and the La Part-Dieu shopping center. The library is opened to university researchers and middle school students alike. Even though the new auditorium offered a great Roman theatre design, it lacked a decent acoustic one. More details. 48 merchants ( fishmongers, cheesemakers, bakers and pastry cooks, caterers, cellarmen and restaurant owners ) work under the same roof and perpetuate local traditions of Lyon, the gastronomical capital of France. A view of the voies/platforms/tracks at Lyon Part Dieu. It now bears the name of Paul Bocuse, the famed starred French chef from Lyon. The Part-Dieu one was solely dedicated to freight transport. It is also the second largest tertiary district in France , after La Défense in Greater Paris , with over 1,150,000 m² of office and service space, along with 45,000 service sector jobs, 2,500 companies, affordable rents and a 97% occupancy rate. strengthening its role as a transit hub and entrance to the Metropolis, by offloading the railway station through a larger and more suitable design and by rendering the city more pedestrian-friendly through new public spaces and optimized means of transport. The eastward urban expansion of rail and road networks turned La Part-Dieu marshalling yards into the centre of the metropolitan area. *Si l'on souhaite le développement de l'Est Part-Dieu et de l'Est Lyonnais jusqu'à Decines, il faudra trouver moyen de concilier la montée en puissance de T3/Leslys et un trace T4 Villette. [6], La Part-Dieu hosts national and regional headquarters of banks (Caisse d’Épargne, Banque Populaire, Banque Rhône Alpes, Société Générale, etc. [4][5][2][6][7], Located on the Left Bank of the Rhône river, this urban centre also provides major entertainment and cultural facilities, including one of the largest urban shopping mall of all Europe, 800 shops, Paul Bocuse indoor food market, café terraces, the Auditorium concert hall, Bourse du Travail theatre, Municipal Library, Departmental Archives and Montluc Fort. Sou Fujimoto Atelier, Dream Paris and EXNDO have proposed a 50m high-rise design with office and residential space, street-level shops and green rooftops, in lieu of the former Caisse d'Épargne headquarters, thanks to its reused materials, right next to Tour Oxygène. The location is very convenient, nearby the stations, and can go to old town and airport by tram. Tél. From 1830 to 1848, the city erected walls to protect itself from foreign invasions. Because of the administrative, urban and geological complexity of Lyon, rail transport brought multiple train stations to existence. A central train station was planned but the SNCF refused to fund it, a move which hindered the purpose of the directional center. The structure is currently undergoing renovation. The subsequent demolition of existing structures took 5 years. It is the first industrial French region (with 500,000 industrial jobs on 50,000 sites) and second only in terms of exports (imports amount to 11.2% and exports to 12.4% of France's global exchanges). It reaches 82 meters and holds many Swiss Life office spaces. Tour M + M launched by DCB International and designed by. 58:05. [32], However, the 1970s oil shocks and following housing crises altered the project as profitability became the main concern, isolating the district from the rest of city flows. L'hôtel accueille ses invités à Lyon depuis 2011. It was designed by Charles Delfante, Michel Macary,  Eugène Gachon and Jean-Louis Girodet, and serves as a link between Lyon and Villeurbanne, as its design allows pedestrian traffic under concrete rail viaducts. A major European nerve centre, La Part-Dieu high-speed train station is a leading interchange rail station on the continent, welcoming 120,000 travellers everyday, while its multimodal hub deals with 500,000 daily commuters, by means of public transport such as métro, tram and bus lines, taxi and bike services, including the Rhônexpress shuttle connecting La Part-Dieu directly with Lyon-Saint-Exupéry International Airport. On the top of that, Tour Incity was the first tower in Lyon to obtain the low energy-consumption label, along with HQE and BREEAM Excellent labels. [42][43][44], According to a 2018 study of Globalization and World Cities Research Network (GaWC), Lyon is a Beta- city, meaning that it's an important globalized city, instrumental in linking their region or state into the world economy. Horaires et informations pratiques de la gare de Lyon-Part-Dieu. Valence Tgv Rhone-alpes Sud. The City Council drove efforts to minimize car travel and to encourage public transit within city limits. offering an increased and contemporary tertiary market by renovating old buildings and constructing a wider variety of facilities of improved tertiary, residential and collective spaces, that contribute to economic drive. La Part-Dieu is the main Lyon transportation hub that includes : Since the 2010s, La Part-Dieu has been undergoing a major transformation, after Lyon Metropolis launched an ambitious project in 2014 to renew the district thanks to a collaboration between La Part-Dieu Publicly-Owned Local development corporation (SPL) and the AUC architecture firm. Milan Plaza (according to the AUC plan) includes several residential high-rises around Place de Milan (200m). 14:12. Around 600,000 people visited Les Halles during the 2015 Festival of Lights weekend. It was drawn by Dumetier-design, Gautier-Conquet and Séquences. - Duration: 9:00. Distributeurs de titres de transport TER : Métro TCL Ligne B : Charpennes - Stade de Gerland. Jean Moulin and Marc Bloch were imprisoned there. Mirror-like curtain walls reflect the surrounding urban environment. The church was originally designed to preach Christian values in an immoral working-class neighbourhood with a high poverty rate and a low number of baptizations. Greater Lyon rail bypass (CFAL) to alievate pressure on La Part-Dieu's rail node, Between 400 and 600 planted trees in public spaces by 2022, 30 hectares of public spaces and roads created or developed, 200,000 m² of added equipped spaces dedicated to services, trade, leisure and hotel industries, 200,000 m² of added or renovated office space in high-rises or low-rises, A flexible office space market, ranging from 50 to 50,000 m², A vacancy rate below 3%, 250,000 m² of which are used or agreed, 650,000 m² of added office space, bringing the total office space to 1,650,000 m². Lyon’s location, close to the Alps, means this train station sees many high-speed services coming from neighbouring Switzerland and Italy. Vous aurez une vue imprenable sur la ville de Lyon et c'est le lieu idéal si vous avez une réunion à tenir entre deux trains. Montluc Fort saw life in 1831. 08:19. [50], Tour Incity, Lyon's tallest structure, was designed by Valode & Pistre and AIA architects. GARE DE DÉPART. A 3 star hotel, it has 144 air-conditioned and soundproof rooms, a secure private car parking (extra fee), bar and Courtepaille restaurant open 7 days a week. Il faut en moyenne 4 h 27 min pour parcourir en train la distance de 293 km entre Lyon Part-Dieu et Agde. Moreover, it harbours Tour Incity (202m), Tour Part-Dieu (164m) and Tour Oxygène (117m), making Lyon one of the few European cities able to display high-rise architecture right next to its historical core. Athena Hotel Part-Dieu - Athena Hotel Part-Dieu est un hébergement accueillant situé dans la vieille partie de Lyon. [32][2][41], Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, with a GDP of 250 billion euros, is the second French and fourth European region in terms of GDP : 70,000 companies are created there each year. [55][67][68], Originally planned during the 1960s, Part-Dieu railway station only opened in 1983 as part of a high speed rail line project between Lyon and Paris. horaires jours fériés. Modernization will satisfy current office space markets and spur economic development. Visit the Information centre at Lyon Part Dieu for lost property enquiries. This Unibail-Rodamco owned project is currently undergoing a major renovation project, totalling 300 million euros, according to a Winy Maas design. As a result, a management plan was drafted by urbanist Charles Delfante and Jean Zumbrunnen, under the supervision of Mayor Louis Pradel. [30], Before the 1850s, La Part-Dieu was composed of rural flood-zones. The district was added to Lyon administrative area in 1852. Trouvez l’adresse qui vous intéresse sur la carte Gare de Lyon La Part Dieu ou préparez un calcul d'itinéraire à partir de ou vers Gare de Lyon La Part Dieu, trouvez tous les sites touristiques et les restaurants du Guide Michelin dans ou à proximité de Gare de Lyon La Part Dieu. 69003 Lyon. It was created back in 2014 and is governed by a board of administrators, chaired by David Kimelfed, head of Lyon Metropolis. More details Where does the Gare de Lyon-Part-Dieu to Interpol train arrive? Bénéficiez d’un espace personnalisé ! … TGV 6852. Built on the cavalry barracks' former location, it references the past with a parking lot named Cuirassiers or "Light Cavalry". Pour revenir à l'exemple plus haut: Milan (ville d'un pays latin au demeurant) a su développer des programmes de tours de logements qui ont rencontré un franc succès auprès de tous types de populations. L'hôtel contemporain dispose de 122 chambres insonorisées. Lyon - La Part-Dieu. The original plan included major east-west and north-south green axes, pedestrian-friendly spaces such as a central plaza well served by public transit, and an iconic tower as tall as the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière from its historical hill. Espace OùRA! The whole project is Votre voyage. 1983 saw the inauguration of France's first high speed rail TGV line, between Lyon and Paris. [31][2] However, the process of urbanization was limited by traverse axes and the fact that Lafayette street was the only road connecting La Part-Dieu with Central Lyon. The spire reaches 202 meters and was installed by helicopter. 09:00 à 20:00 . Avignon Tgv. Users had to wait until the late 2000s to get an entrance opened towards the train station plaza. [65][66], Tour Oxygène is a 117 meter tall high-rise crowned by a leaf resonating with the district's tradition of crowning high-rises, such as Tour Part-Dieu. Pedestrians were alienated because of the rupture of major axes caused by the expansion of the central mall, and also by favouring vehicle transport over public transit and finally by constructing concrete pedestrian bridges several meters above street level that isolated architectures into islands. Gare de la Part-Dieu is the primary railway station of Lyon's Central Business District in France. In 2010 the mall got a major extension thanks to the Oxygène Tower. Des dispositifs de concertation ont été mis en place par la mission Part-Dieu, dans le cadre du Grand Lyon puis la SPL Lyon Part-Dieu depuis 2015. : jusqu'au 21/08 : Lundi à vendredi de 13h à 20h / samedi de 9h30 à 16h30 (sauf 25 … Lyon-Part-Dieu (Lyon) *Si l'on souhaite éviter l'engorgement de la Gare Part-Dieu, il faudra trouver moyen de gérer les flux piétons engendrés par la traversée de la gare. La Part-Dieu (French: [la.paʁ.diø]) is the Central Business District (CBD) and beating heart of Lyon Metropolis, inside an urban area of more than 2.2 million inhabitants. The objective was also to integrate the district with its railways, that is, Central Lyon with eastern neighborhoods. 27,000 square meters are distributed into 3 levels, each dedicated to public reading, studies and research, while a silo contains all historical documents from the former library. Lyon's second railway station, Gare de Lyon-Perrache, is located in the south of the historical centre. 04 72 60 60 62. La Part Dieu. A sign at the station indicating the facilities and connections at the Porte Alpes end of the concourse. La Part-Dieu (French: [la.paʁ.diø]) is the Central Business District (CBD) and beating heart of Lyon Metropolis, inside an urban area of more than 2.2 million inhabitants. totalling around €2.5 billion between public and private investments.[90][2][12][91][14]. 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It concentrates hundreds of civil workers and local figures hold regular meetings there. It was completed in 2016 and currently hosts regional Caisse d'Épargne bank headquarters and several SNCF branches. Retrouvez vos billets, renseignez vos gares et itinéraires favoris, ajoutez vos compagnons et réservez vos voyages plus rapidement et simplement.

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