Many houses in La Plaine caved in or slid into rivers, and its single bridge was broken. Much of the housing stock and infrastructure were left beyond repair, while the island's lush vegetation was practically eradicated. A state of emergency was declared by officials in Dare and Hyde counties, while visitors were ordered to evacuate Hatteras and Ocracoke islands. Maria arrived before supplies were replenished. Le déplacement lent de Maria signifia que les alertes cycloniques pour les Antilles durèrent plusieurs jours. As schools began to reopen on October 16, the United Nations Children's Fund reported that the entire child population of Dominica—23,000 children—remained vulnerable due to restricted access to clean drinking water. [39], Maria brushed the Outer Banks of North Carolina on September 26, as the center of the storm passed by offshore and brought tropical storm conditions to the area, along with a storm surge, large waves, and rip currents to the coast. Calculation from provided monthly statistics. 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Three deaths were reported: a 45-year-old man died in the commune of Limbe, in the department of the North, while attempting to cross a flooded river. [1] Maria was the third consecutive major hurricane to threaten the Leeward Islands in two weeks, after Irma had made landfall in several of the islands two weeks prior and Hurricane Jose passed dangerously close shortly afterward, bringing tropical storm force winds to Barbuda. Dominion North Carolina Power et Cape Hatteras Electric Cooperative ont aussi connu des coupures de courant dispersées. 1:48. [250] The organization released a statement, saying in part: "While the US government is engaged in relief efforts, it has failed to address the most urgent needs. La France envoya de l'aide a la Dominique depuis la Martinique et la Guadeloupe[113]. [194] These factories shut down or greatly reduced production because of the hurricane, and were slowly recovering since. [61] Water service was cut to 50,000 customers, especially in the communes of Le Morne-Rouge and Gros-Morne. [71], The next morning, the first aerial footage of Dominica elucidated the scope of the destruction. [22][23] The Dominican Republic activated the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters for humanitarian satellite coverage on the 20th. 3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico. [168], On September 28, 2017, Lieutenant General Jeffrey S. Buchanan was dispatched to Puerto Rico to lead all military hurricane relief efforts there and to see how the military could be more effective in the recovery effort, particularly in dealing with the thousands of containers of supplies that were stuck in port because of "red tape, lack of drivers, and a crippling power outage". [58][62] Numerous roads and streets, especially along the northern coast, were impassible due to rock slides, fallen trees and toppled power poles. [114] On September 21, the mother and her two children were rescued while the father drowned inside the capsized vessel. Caraïbes : au moins neuf morts après le passage de l'ouragan Matthew. By September 25, 2017, the U.S. Coast Guard reported that the ports of Crown Bay, East Gregerie Channel, West Gregerie Channel, and Redhook Bay on Saint Thomas; the ports of Krause Lagoon, Limetree Bay, and Frederiksted on Saint Croix, and the port of Cruz Bay on Saint John were open with restrictions. [149][150][151][152] By September 24, there were thirteen United States Coast Guard ships deployed around Puerto Rico assisting in the relief and restoration efforts: the National Security Cutter USCGC James; the medium endurance cutters USCGC Diligence, USCGC Forward, USCGC Venturous, and USCGC Valiant; the fast response cutters USCGC Donald Horsley, USCGC Heriberto Hernandez, USCGC Joseph Napier, USCGC Richard Dixon, and USCGC Winslow W. Griesser; the coastal patrol boat USCGC Yellowfin; and the seagoing buoy tenders USCGC Cypress and USCGC Elm. [130] Eight FEMA Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) teams were deployed to assist in rescue efforts. Les vents violents ont causé une panne électrique généralisée et abattu un cocotier sur une résidence à Saint Joseph[55],[56]. It is regarded as the worst natural disaster in recorded history to affect those islands and was also the deadliest Atlantic hurricane since Mitch in 1998. [148] The logistics support ship SS Wright (T-AVB-3) was mobilized on September 22 to support relief operations delivering 1.3 million MREs and one million liters of fresh water. [265] The decision to hire such a tiny company was considered highly unusual by many, such as former Energy Department official Susan Tierney, who stated: "The fact that there are so many utilities with experience in this and a huge track record of helping each other out, it is at least odd why [the utility] would go to Whitefish". A month after the hurricane, most hospitals were open,[138] but most were on backup generators that provide limited power. [191], Three months after the hurricane, 45% of Puerto Ricans still had no power, over 1.5 million people. By September 15, 2017, 83% of the items there, including 90% of the water and all of the tarps and cots, had been deployed for post-Irma relief, mostly to the U.S. Virgin Islands. It did not ask us to be paid soon or a guarantee to pay". La Garde côtière des États-Unis, la Marine des États-Unis et la Marine royale britannique menèrent des opérations de recherche et de sauvetage en utilisant un avion Lockheed HC-130, un cotre rapide (USS Kearsarge), des hélicoptères et le navire RFA Mounts Bay[104]. [28], Evacuation orders were issued in Puerto Rico in advance of Maria, and officials announced that 450 shelters would open in the afternoon of September 18. It moved slowly westward, initially failing to intensify much; it was upgraded to Tropical Storm Inez on September 24. [207] FEMA has added three new warehouses on Puerto Rico, and pre-positioned emergency power generators at hospitals and water pump stations. L'ouragan Irma continue son avancée destructrice dans les Caraïbes. [241][242][243] The Jones Act was waived for a period of ten days starting on September 28 following a formal request by Puerto Rico Governor Rosselló. [108][109], The NEXRAD Doppler weather radar of Puerto Rico was blown away. Au moins huit personnes sont mortes en raison de ces inondations, alors que beaucoup sont disparues[102]. With the median age of PREPA power plants at 44 years, an aging infrastructure across the island made the electric grid more susceptible to damage from storms. L'Obs. Maria est devenue un ouragan de catégorie 1 le 17 septembre en après-midi à 225 km à l'est-nord-est de la Barbade et se dirigeant directement vers la partie nord des Petites Antilles tout en se creusant[5]. De nombreuses routes et rues, en particulier le long de la côte nord, étaient impraticables à cause des éboulis, des arbres tombés et des poteaux électriques renversés[70],[33] Les rues de Fort-de-France furent inondées[67]. [158], On September 29, the hospital ship USNS Comfort left port at Norfolk, Virginia to help victims of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and arrived in San Juan on October 3. The radome which covers the radar antenna, and which was designed to withstand winds of more than 130 mph, was destroyed while the antenna of 30 feet in diameter was blown from the pedestal, the latter remaining intact. [33], The outer rainbands of Maria produced heavy rainfall and strong gusts across the southern Windward Islands. Et c'est correct, nous avons sauvé beaucoup de vies[37] ». Eleven cargo vessels collectively carrying 1.3 million liters of water, 23,000 cots, and dozens of generators arrived. Elle est ainsi devenue une dépression frontale se dirigeant vers les îles Britanniques tout en faiblissant encore plus sur une trajectoire assez similaire à celle de Lee[24]. [260], After visiting Puerto Rico about two months after the hurricane, Refugees International issued a report that severely criticized the slow response of the federal authorities, noted poor coordination and logistics, and indicated the island was still in an emergency mode and in need of more help. En dépit de la formation de deux yeux concentriques, un œil externe de diamètre entre 40 et 56 km et celui interne de seulement 8 km, le centre intérieur de Maria est resté ininterrompue durant l'après-midi alors que normalement ceci indique le début d'un cycle de remplacement du mur de l'œil[10]. A couple of days later, Comfort departed on an around the island tour to assist, remaining a dozen miles off shore. Jeudi soir, un homme est mort noyé, et deux autres personnes ont été foudroyées à Haïti, selon le premier bilan établi par le ministère de l'intérieur. [135] On October 6, a little more than two weeks after the hurricane, 89% still had no power, 44% had no water service, and 58% had no cell service. According to Phil Klotzbach, research scientist at Colorado State University's Department of … Dans tout l'archipel, l'ouragan a laissé 40 % de la population (80 000 foyers) sans électricité et coupé 25 % des lignes[78]. De plus, l'infrastructure vieillissante à travers l'île rendait le réseau électrique très vulnérable aux tempêtes tropicales, l'âge médian des centrales de la PREPA étant de 44 ans, et décrite dans les journaux locaux comme mal entretenues[92]. franceinfo. 0:46. [195][196] In January 2018, when the shortage was projected to ease, flu season hit and led to a spike in patients. forever! [84] The combination of rough seas and winds was responsible for widespread structural damage and flooding throughout the archipelago, especially from Pointe-à-Pitre, along Grand-Terre Island's southwestern coast, to Petit-Bourg and the southern coasts on Basse-Terre Island. [153] Federal aid arrived on September 25 with the reopening of major ports. Everything else is gone. [146] The next day, airports were reported to be operating at normal capacity. Des rafales de 182 à 190 km/h furent signalées à Camp Santiago et dans le port de Yabucoa, près de l'endroit où l’œil toucha la côte[86]. Created: 12/10/2016 + Share. Haiti. [74] Its ferocious winds defoliated nearly all vegetation, splintering or uprooting thousands of trees and decimating the island's lush rainforests. Maria made landfall in Dominica at 01:15 UTC on September 19,[14] becoming the first Category 5 hurricane on record to strike the island nation. "[249], Frustrated with the federal government's "slow and inadequate response", relief group Oxfam announced on October 2 that it planned to get involved in the humanitarian aid effort, sending a team to "assess a targeted and effective response" and support its local partners' on-the-ground efforts. Elle avait fait beacoup de domage au Lesser-Antilles, Bermude,Terre-Neuve, et Europe. Les bandes de pluie externe de Maria ont brossé les Outer Banks de Caroline du Nord le 26 septembre alors que le centre de la tempête passait au large en s'affaiblissant. OK, so we have some food and water—but how long for? Investigations iton the hurricane's aftermath suggested a wide variety of possible death tolls. [77][78] Outside the capital area, the worst of the destruction was concentrated around the east coast and rural areas, where collapsed roads and bridges isolated many villages. Le 26 septembre, le navire de l'hôpital USNS Comfort commença ses préparatifs pour le déploiement et devait prendre une semaine pour arriver à Porto Rico[125],[126]. L'ouragan Matthew déferle sur Haïti et les Caraïbes. On April 19, 2018 (Thursday), Puerto Rico's power company said that it has restored electricity to all customers affected by an island-wide blackout that was caused by an excavator hitting a transmission line, but tens of thousands of families still remain without normal service seven months after hurricanes Maria and Irma. The death toll in the Caribbean hit 37 after the first death on Haiti was confirmed. Le port de Morehead City fut fermé par la Garde côtière des États-Unis le matin du 26 septembre[29]. [27] FEMA's Caribbean Distribution Center warehouse, its only emergency stockpile in the islands, is located on Puerto Rico. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on Google+; Print; Feedback; Download. Des éboulis, des glissements de terrain et des arbres déracinés ont causé des dégâts mineurs et bloqué certaines routes[51]. Survivors indicate that flood waters rose at least 6 ft (1.8 m) in 30 minutes, with flood waters reaching a depth of 15 feet (4.6 m) in some areas. Care packages were coming in to Puerto Rico from all over and USPS hired temporary workers and had workers delivering packages 7 days a week, to help with the brunt. [85][86] Homes on Terre-de-Haut Island of Les Saintes were flooded or lost their roofs. Ce nombre s'ajoutant aux migrants qui chaque année font ce trajet à cause des difficultés financières de l'île[137]. [220][221] There were 238 more reported deaths in September and October 2017 than during the same months in 2016, and 336 more compared to September and October 2015. Writing on Twitter, Trump claimed that "3000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit Puerto Rico", but that the Democrats had inflated the official death toll to "make me look as bad as possible". Approximately 400 megawatts of electricity production was lost. Son remplacement prendra quelques mois. Le gouverneur de Porto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, a déclaré que les réparations prendraient des mois; le maire de San Juan, Carmen Yulín Cruz, estimant que certaines zones resteraient sans électricité de quatre à six mois[96],[97]. L'ouragan a détruit ou endommagé ce qu’Irma avait laissé sur pied à travers ces îles. Le 30 septembre à 21 h UTC, le NHC nota que la convection profonde avait disparu et que Maria avait effectué sa transition post-tropicale à 895 km à l'est-sud-est de Cap Race, Terre-Neuve. Ce dernier a dû être rescapé lorsque sa maison fut inondée[58]. Au 28 septembre, le port de San Juan n'avait pu livrer que 4 % des livraisons reçues et pouvait donc difficilement accepter des expéditions supplémentaires[130]. Coffee was the worst affected crop, with 18 million coffee trees destroyed, which will require about five to ten years to bring back at least 15% of the coffee production of the island. [126], The prime minister urged churches to encourage their membership to provide housing for senior citizens and disabled, many of whom remained in damaged structures despite tarpaulin donations from Venezuela, Palestine, Cuba, Jamaica, and other countries. Total losses from the hurricane are estimated at upwards of $91.61 billion (2017 USD), mostly in Puerto Rico, ranking it as the third-costliest tropical cyclone on record. Avec les centrales électriques thermiques et les infrastructures du réseau hors service pendant des semaines, des projets d'énergie renouvelable furent mis en place, y compris l'envoi de centaines de systèmes de batteries Tesla utilisés avec des panneaux solaires et des projets de micro-réseaux de panneaux solaires de la compagnie Sonnen dans 15 centres communautaires d'urgence, le premier devant enter en fonction en octobre[135],[136]. Les réseaux de communication furent paralysés dans toute l'île. 3:16. Ninety-five percent of cell networks were down, with 48 of the island's 78 counties networks being completely inoperable. Des troupes de la Garde nationale furent activées et déployées à Porto Rico depuis le Connecticut, la Géorgie, l'Iowa, l'Illinois, le Kentucky, le Missouri, New York, le Rhode Island et le Wisconsin. Highly favorable environmental conditions allowed the storm to undergo explosive intensification as it approached the island arc. Les propos de Trump ont été largement critiqués pour avoir impliqué que l'ouragan Maria n'était pas une « véritable catastrophe[37] ». Des bateaux se sont échoués dans la baie de la commune de Schœlcher[72]. Sur l'île principale de la Guadeloupe, des sections de Pointe-à-Pitre se retrouvèrent sous plus d'un mètre d'eau et l'hôpital de la ville subit des dégâts considérables[33]. [62] The Basse-Terre region suffered severe damage to nearly 100% of its banana crops, comprising a total area of more than 5,000 acres (2,000 hectares); farmers described the destruction to their plantations as "complete annihilation". [130] The Federal Emergency Management Agency planned to open an air bridge with three to four aircraft carrying essential supplies to the island daily starting on September 22. Les six députés de l’Assemblée nationale ont pu quitter Haïti . L'onde de tempête sur la côte et la montée des eaux provenant de l'ouverture des vannes du barrage du lac La Plata convergèrent vers la ville de Toa Baja, piégeant des milliers de résidents. En effet, les réseaux de communication et routiers étant entravé, seulement 20 % des conducteurs ont pu se rapporter, étant des sinistrés eux-mêmes[129]. As time went by it did not go up by much. [72] Maria left the mountainous country blanketed in a field of debris: Rows of houses along the entirety of the coastline were rendered uninhabitable, as widespread floods and landslides littered neighborhoods with the structural remnants. [34] As of April 12, 2019, there are 65 fatalities confirmed across the island, including 34 who are missing and presumed to be dead. Hospitals Wrestle With Shortages of Drug Supplies Made in Puerto Rico", "Hospitals find other ways to deliver medicine amid IV bag shortage", "Hurricane Damage To Manufacturers In Puerto Rico Affects Mainland Hospitals, Too", "Explosion At Substation Plunges Parts Of Puerto Rico Into Darkness Once Again", "Puerto Rico capital hit by power blackout for second day in a row", "Another major blackout hits Puerto Rico after 2 power plants shut down", "BREAKING: A massive power outage is being reported across Puerto Rico, from the southern part of the island to the north. L'ouragan Maria Par: Hailey Kennedy Merci!