One of the best police forces in the world, the Italian Police Force has also been gifted by their Trademark world class brand, Lamborghini. An area would be divided into many blocks, in every area there would be lot of regular patrol police, surveillance cameras and employees from local committees. During the Midst of World War I, Adolf Hitler, One of the world’s most infamous Tyrants immediately positioned himself as a Leader that was bred to bring about change in Germany and to be the driving force behind strengthening every weak area of the World War I era. Community Police Training division: which is there for the support of the people who needs them most. It is not an easy task to maintain law and order situation among so many people. They prepares them for those unpredictable situations as Paris experienced a few years back. They are no doubt one of the highly trained forces in world, with a countless amount of backup and rescue mediums as well as advanced missionary systems based across the country. They gain experience as it is on the ‘on the job side’, which prepares them better in the future rather than giving them a set example or scenario. At number nine in our list of top 10 countries with best police forces, its the China. Policing does not pivot merely around the police force; it also entails the institutions which empower police to enforce, and indeed that which they are entrusted to enforce. Having such a great amount of disciplined instilled within Chinese Police Officers from young ensures accuracy in their shooting, skill in their hand to hand combats instead of meaningless rage that could get one killed, stance, stature, maintaining of stealth which can help them in more advanced cases of where silence would be the key code to end violence, also helps give officers the fortitude of maintaining discretion to handle situations according to the extent of its magnitude. The Sicilian Mafia dates back to the mid-Eighteenth Century as a protection system that was initially intended and traditionally formed to do whatever bad things necessary for the good reasons as acclaimed by ancient Italians throughout the years. LAPD is operational since 1869. Proper functioning and maintained order of the troops are taken by the responsible duty of the Netherlands Minister of Justice. Mostly Individual “Gardaí” has been equipped with ASP extendable batons and pepper spray. With annual budget of £4.1 billion makes Metropolitan Police is largest in UK and one of the biggest police department in the world budget wise. Iceland is considered as the most peaceful country in the world and you will be surprised to know that Iceland police has shot first time in 2013, on a man in the history of this country. National Police Commissioner instantly apologized to the man’s family publicly. The UK police practice flexible Policing which simply means policing by the consent of the nation. Using this to the utmost of his advantage, it wasn’t long till Hitler managed to take over the main parts of Germany which was soon to be turned into his personal Hell in which he was the commanding Lucifer. In this way, police protection is everywhere. RCMP was founded in 1920, is both national and federal police force of Canada. Their lawful … "These techniques are used by all the police in the world because they represent the least amount of danger. Why Is America the World’s Police? The Metropolitan Police Service is responsible for law enforcement in Greater London. The structure of their police training is regarded as one of the ultimate most intense, versatile, and flexible. Doing things this way in China ensures that the policing system is upheld as they were trained to do and also so that their duties are conducted by the books and within the constituted law. The police force of Japan is trained in a similar way as the United States Military. The border public security, firefighting and security guard forces are also components of the PAPF. The tactical operations of the Chinese Police force is among the world’s best police forces and that of a rather unique and effective as compared to some of the rest as there’s creativity along with the exact or similar amount of brashness that a police officer is supposed to have in them. NYPD is also one of the highly trained police force in the world. It’s training for law enforcement have been so up to standard that other law enforcement entities often request the training of the RCMP in their departments, which shows a strong sense of leadership in their work. One officer admitted to … Officers in these units are deployed and expected to be on standby to conduct normal day to day duties and tasks that even the most of world’s best police forces are faced with. Organized Crime Training Division: that is constantly on the watch of Mafia infamous Asian Mafia crime organization , “known to the world by their deadly reputation as ,The Yakuza” which requires a bunch of merciless and fearless set of trained officers for the job or else you can consider your career as a police officer in Japan, ending before it had the full chance to start, if not the end of your life. Police Administration Training Division: which trains each and every new recruit for the mass and secure handling of paperwork, emergency calls, etc. Every country is responsible of having its own NCB (National Central Bureau), managed by local law enforcement officers. The only thing is that they have to be well used. In Crime Index for Country 2015 report china is at 74th position in the world, while United States is at 45th. Everyone talks about the corruption and brutality of the police forces, but no one praises their abilities and sacrifices, which they made to save our lives. Most shockingly, Acts of Hooliganism were also considered as ‘serious’ crimes, such as senseless trouble making, mass fighting, women humiliating, and other acts that pose a threat to the public order. Besides the richness of a variety of delicious foods, romantic sunsets of Capri, the golden voice of Luciano Pavarotti and other classical music legends, the sound of the Opera and mandolins all around that fill the atmosphere and the gifts of ancient history that the mangnifico Italia boasts ,Italy is also home to THE ITALIAN MAFIA. Directed by Derek Burbidge. Afghanistan has had one of the most corrupt police forces Established at 1923 INTERPOL has global membership of 192 countries. With Miles A. Copeland III, Ian Copeland, Stewart Copeland, Jools Holland. The man first injured two police officers with his shotgun. The total population of Iceland is 329,100. INTERPOL is very useful department and played very important role to capture the criminals who flee from one country to another. “; Be careful the AFP is watching your every move since they have an astounding reputation for being on top of things in terms of criminal justice. There are some parameters a police force can be judged. The LAPD has been featured in various novels, television shows and films through history. Established at 1923 INTERPOL has global membership of 192 countries. It is estimated that around 1.5 billion people live in china. NYPD, LAPD, CHPBesides known for their worst brutality, American police forces are by the way among the best police forces. They include, North Korea, the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, The tribal areas along the Afghan border in Pakistan, Somalia—previously Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq. I think we can dub this to be Australian Federal Police “Checkmate! Dutch police is particularly to the greatest of their skills. Nobody saw it coming but it was taken by force by this stage. However the NYPD (New York Police Department) , LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), CHP (California Highway Patrol), are the localized and standard force. Police, body of officers representing the civil authority of government. The CHP also uphold a SWAT team on 24‑hour standby to infiltrate any terrorist activity. Since their implementation, a dramatic decrease of more than 80% in violent crime and a remarkable improvement in quality of life has resulted. It’s almost as though, they are unbeatable in terms of their style of policing.In the United States, there are several police departments. Japanese police also have one of the most extraordinary but highly effective system of using ‘Kobans’ which are small sub offices spread vastly around Japan that connect callers to the nearest and most convenient security measure available. They rushes to the rescue of what can be referred to as the everyday crimes that American citizens are committers or victims to. Required fields are marked *. They notched five No.1 albums and a succession of top 10 singles, becoming one of the world's most famous … LAPD has the honor to create the first SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) team in United States. Their visibility on the streets is somewhat prominent, and cover most parts of the Netherlands. Although, local police departments of the U.S are notoriously known for their violent brutality acts for no reason as their methods of apprehension are of an extremely brash nature. With a staff of 11,413 employees, police is the largest law enforcement agency in the country. In the National Police of Japan, men and women are trained equally in the following respective divisions. Therefore, the society is under constant and tight control all the time, especially in big cities. “Bella Italia” – Beautiful Italy. Crimes like rape, robbery would be severely punished, mostly death sentence. It cover almost every known aspect to crime prevention or law enforcement. The dutch police is extremely well trained and disciplined. Met has a very good track records against criminals. France would have seen the largest bloodbath of its history. It is Federal police efforts that Austria came at 3rd place in the list of most peaceful countries in the world. Having such a large distribution of Police officers in their respective areas definitely ensures optimal safety. Which police force is better in the world right now? Each Police force will be ranked according to their training and performance thus far. NYPD is responsible to protect population of 8,405,000 people. The main responsibility of People’s Armed Police Force is to maintain peace and eradicate criminals in the Chinese society. They are also watched over and investigated when certain incidents occur by the IPCC – the independent police complaints commission. Both, Japan and US having the best police forces. These include 8,839 Police cars, 11 police boats, 8 Helicopters 120 horses, 31 German Shepherds and 3 Bloodhounds Dogs. This is an ancient method that’s now been adapted in the process of Police Training in China as well. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have put things in motion, preparing them in advance by the development of their training collegewhich enables officers to undergo advanced and specialized development progr… The German police, regarded as one of the best police forces have now finally broken free from the Nazi’s wrath and is independent in all aspects of maintaining law and order throughout the decades since the Nazi came into power during the Holocaust Years. New Zealand Police officers do not carry firearms during standard patrol. The RCMP, exceptional law enforcement has been providing their services for over 140 year… You can be sure that the retired police officers of that time have been trained in the force in a very hard and harsh manner, which ensures that if they were the trainers for the younger, they would have most probably been trained in the exact same manner where discipline and honor-ability are the frontline principals. It’s almost as though, they are unbeatable in terms of their style of policing. One of the world’s best police force, MET also referred as Scotland Yard is an international renowned police department with a great international track record make it to be ranked as number one best police force around the globe. The structure of the Dutch police is amazing in terms of their strategically placed and positioned units. Just like the influence of the Mafia in gods hand crafted Italy, The Hell applauded NAZI has also taken ownership of Germany and has carved a name for itself in the history books as being one of the most ‘Extremely racist movements and rebellion parties that the world has ever known. Even though Canada may not experience war driven situations as other countries may, but there police training is still above general standards. In the United States, there are several police departments. One thing that plays a very important role in maintaining the public order is a policy called Grid Management. The lawlessness of the country and the brutality of the police have developed a negative impression on the world. That’s forms a global network link with INTERPOL, allowing members countries to work together in cross border investigation. 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The CHP is responsible to patrol all over California highways and also acts as the state police. Total size of the Chinese police force is between 1.1 to 1.5 million makes it one of the largest police force in the world. The International Criminal Police Organization also known as INTERPOL is an international organization which helps and facilitate local police departments at international level. Royal Canadian Mounted Police are training has a standard college that enables them to specialise in programming development. Top 10 risk factors an airplane is in danger, Top 10 Weird Military Cars of World War I, Top 15 Most Beautiful Girls in the world 2020. One of the best police in Europe, the Metropolitan Police Service (Met) was founded in 1829. They are specifically trained to handle most types of situations. Despite all this Ireland has very low crime rate than United States. Your email address will not be published. Chinese government holds a very hawkish stance against crimes. From implementing criminal law to maintaining national security and traffic to commercial vehicle enforcement, Police is responsible of everything. Two specially designed police cars were given to Italy’s police force which can reach speeds up to 350KM/h .In general, a special drivers test is required to prove that a driver is competent enough to sit behind the steering wheel of a car that can reach speeds as a jet on the road. Icelandic Police formed in 1778 covering an area of 103,000km2. The police is equipped with latest tools like teaser and drones to perform their duties more efficiently. Jaguar is a generally underestimated car and is mis-perceived by many around the world as being a more luxurious type of car, fit for the average day to day businessmen. Below is a ranking of the top 10 countries with best police forces, in relation to their performance and efforts as well as security measures and systems they have in place to effectively enforce the law. For most of their history the line-up consisted of primary songwriter Sting (lead … Ranked at sixth best police force in the world, Garda Síochána, meaning “the Guardian of the Peace”, formed in 1922. It is in this context that counterterrorism must be examined. Besides being toughest, the Japanese police forc is one of the highly trained best police forces in the world. Fortunately, Canadian Police Services don’t really witness any extreme war driven situations like other countries. The following initiatives represent some of the more noteworthy and successful programs instituted by the NYPD. Some stats of Garda Síochána are given below. They are the nicest police ever and work incredibly together. Once there was an organized crime revolution, the organized crime world became independently controlled and commanded by Crime bosses who earned their way up their criminal careers and climbed the highest rankings of the Mafia structure which is respectively known as “THE DON” . It is believed that they are the most transparent police force in the world. Also, they are not a paramilitary force or a political force. With an amazing track record RCMP is tackling Canada’s crimes very well. International human rights law strictly prohibits all forms of discrimination. By successfully gaining the trust and political influence of Germany at the time ,he was able to mastermind and to yield the German police station under the stranglehold of his command by creating what appeared to be a ‘land of make believe’ to his followers. The Anti –Mafia police force of Italy has conducted their duties in such a professional, intelligent and extremely cautious manner that each of the families belonging to the officers who conducted the search and arrests of the Mafia men is still safe and alive, despite that their entire organized crime syndicate hasn’t been brought to justice with other ‘Capos – Soldiers of the Mafia still at large. In a report leaked by wiki leaks Australian Federal Police was found involved in taking the services of a very infamous hacking company. Being on stand-by gives them the ultimate advantage which means they are ready to counter strike with a wealth of defense mechanisms, skills and training in their favor and by the country’s request but under the command and authorized ‘go ahead’ by the French Ministry of Defense. Being a policeman is one of the most dangerous job in the world. There is a total of 6746 staff in the AFP. The 5-0 Radio Pro app for mobile offers live radio feeds from about 30 countries. The Mission of An Garda Síochána is working with Communities to protect and Serve. This live video shows The Police at The Omni Coliseum in Atlanta on 11-03-1983. A new book tells the history of how U.S. political elites sold the United Nations to the public as a route to global peace, while all along wanting it as a cover for militarization. One of the top police in USA, NYPD took number of initiatives has been undertaken implemented. One of the best police in asia, PAPF is ranked at 12th best police force in the world. The united front of their ability, to work as a team, reaching the same goal is admirable. Austria police is equipped with all the latest security weapons to overcome any situation. The birth of the Mafia in the era of the Eighteenth Century was established and maintained for the pure purpose of providing protection to peasants that even the best police forces could not offer due to abiding to laws of the justice system under oath. This police force is equipped with the latest fleet of motorcycles, cars and aircrafts. And, also to conduct certain land operations to smoother down the resistance etc. I think not. There are currently a number of countries or sections of countries where outlaws dominate. The common police officer isn’t trained enough to disarm a bomb and to be responsible for things that could mean the tearing up of an entire city and being responsible for Hundreds, if not thousands of lives which is why France planned in advance when setting up their law enforcement squads according to their training.