HR Points: 2460 Not to mention the dragon! How are we supposed to do any research under these conditions!? Any chance you could, you know...make it go away? Reward: 2100z - Wycademy Research Team Member, Location: Ruined Pinnacle Time Limit: 50 min. Contract Fee: 1400z, Everyone in Cheeko Sands is in trouble! - Brachydios Researcher, Location: Sanctuary Monsters are just going about willy-nilly making the worst racket on MY Ancestral Steppe! - Pub Manager, Location: Marshlands I got hit with a stink that could peel paint! Subquest Reward: 4800z HR Points: 350 Subquest HR Points: 40 - Alabaster Melynx, Location: Arctic Ridge (Night) Get its Hyper behind outta here before the entire mine caves in! Environment: Unstable Reward: 3900z Time Limit: 50 min. Reward: 5400z HR Points: 710 -Wandering Recluse, Location: Dunes I need more specimens for my research! Reward: 2400z Subquest Reward: 3000z I should have been going east this whole time, but I've clearly gone west. Sure you are! Contract Fee: 1500z, Oh my gosh! Environment: Unstable Reward: 12z Reward: 6900z HR Points: 1600 It's saying HYPER MONSTERS! -Famed Ore Merchant, Location: Volcano Reward: 11400z Contract Fee: 300z, So, uh, I heard a Yian Kut-Ku showed up at the Ruined Pinnacle. My bad! It gave off a sort of black aura, and I thought, well darn, this is gonna make for one heck of a record! HR Points: 950 Subquest Reward: 3300z Ugh, just talking about it makes me want some. Subquest HR Points: 30 HR Points: 910 Subquest HR Points: N/A Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest Reward: 2100z See, they took me in when I was chased by a Hyper Rathian. Contract Fee: 500z, Malfestio's weird mojo got us all befuddled and we lost our way. Environment: Stable YOU! Subquest Reward: 2400z Subquest Reward: 1500z Contract Fee: 3300z, Today's cast of monsters oughta keep you right busy! Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 250 All the girls are drinking it, so I gotta get my hands on some, like now! Subquest Reward: 4800z Environment: Stable HR Points: 640 Subquest HR Points: N/A Reward: 8400z Environment: Stable Can you go to the Jungle and fix it so it, uh, doesn't have any more birthdays? - Scarlet Mystery Man, Hohoho, the time is ripe! Six villages are underwater! Environment: Unstable Environment: Unstable Subquest HR Points: 70 Subquest HR Points: N/A Contract Fee: 3800z, Disasters befall us, lives are lost. Subquest Reward: 3300z - Soaked Village Chief, Location: Ingle Isle Subquest HR Points: 10 Subquest HR Points: 10 Environment: Stable Contract Fee: 1500z, Memo to research team. -Cheeko Sands Chief, Location: Dunes Subquest HR Points: N/A Subquest HR Points: N/A Get some for me, would you? Sounds like a great oppurrtunity, nya? Sorry to say, but if ye want it, ye gotta go work fer it! Environment: Stable He's more than just an official -- he's my dear friend. I chased off an insect blocking my way, which angered a hungry Kecha Wacha... THEN I saw smoke far off and thought I was saved, but it was just Gore Magala scales! Environment: Unstable I wanted to check out the fish from that pretty river they've got in Yukumo, but there was one of those Arzuros things going wild at the Misty Peaks. The next page of my notebook is whispering to me, Squiggle. Environment: Unstable Subquest HR Points: 50 Reward: 26100z HR Points: 1180 Subquest Reward: N/A Subquest HR Points: 70 Time Limit: 50 min. Contract Fee: 200z, Hi hi, Hunter-person! - Desert Biologist, Location: Desert I'd like you to help defend a fort on one of its regular attack paths. Environment: Unstable HR Points: 150 Reward: 1800z Contract Fee: 2700z, I simply adore things that are decked out in glittering gold. Subquest Reward: 1200z HELP! I'll give you the Quest, darling, but you're not to stay in there too long. Subquest Reward: N/A HR Points: 230 HR Points: 670 Subquest HR Points: N/A One day he just blurted out that he can't deal with "creepy Nerscylla" -- something about their eyes? Subquest HR Points: N/A Subquest Reward: 4800z HR Points: 0 Reward: 13500z I purractically jumped out of my fur! Now that's a foe I'm all too familiar with: Ol' Stormbringer. Nobody comes out of there alive. Reward: 8100z When you clear the Hub 7 Urgent, you’ll have access to things like Akantor and Ukanlos in the Hub 7 Quest list automatically. Contract Fee: 200z, I found the cutest Felynes, dear! Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 530 Reward: 22800z Subquest Reward: N/A Go on, teach it some manners! We can hold out, but there's a Hyper Blangonga nearby who could ruin everything! Subquest Reward: 4200z Subquest HR Points: 10 Miao! Contract Fee: 200z, The Meownster Hunters on Sunsnug Island always so kind to me. But we ended up gettin' chased by some superfast monster, and the shockwave it left behind dropped us right outta the air. Reward: 2400z You don’t need more HR for that, that’s a holdover from the original MHGen, it’s not how that works for MHGU. Go and show the world what a real Prowler can do! Time Limit: 50 min. Contract Fee: 500z, Goodness gravy! Am hiding in the forest. Strange happenings 'round here. Environment: Stable We hate to admit it, but you're the best for dealing with Hyper monsters like this guy. Contract Fee: 600z, I love Shogun Ceanataurs, don't you!? HR Points: 220 Contract Fee: 300z, I want to go collecting! Environment: Stable Subquest HR Points: 90 Contract Fee: 300z, These Uroktor are fascinatin' creatures! Time Limit: 35 min. Time Limit: 50 min. Contract Fee: 900z, I was tearing up the tundra on my sled in the Frozen Seaway when these two Zamtrios leaped right through the ice. - Meowstress, Location: Arctic Ridge (Night) Subquest Reward: 1200z Environment: Stable Reward: 14700z Time Limit: 50 min. Time Limit: 50 min. Yet whenever I perform my kata, monsters gather around me. Time Limit: 50 min. - Furtive Felyne, Location: Jurassic Frontier -Yukumo Gloomy Gus, Location: Misty Peaks (Night) There are also reports of a Yian Garuga up there. Reward: 11400z Must complete all G3 Hunters Hub Key Quests and the G2 Hunters Hub Quests ", Must complete all G3 Hunters Hub Key Quests and the G2 Hunters Hub Quest ", Rewards the Fluffy Black Ball to craft the, Rewards the EX Lao-Shan Lung Ticket to craft the. Time Limit: 50 min. Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest HR Points: 120 - Pub Manager, Location: Desert HR Points: 550 -Wycademy Mycologist, Location: Jurassic Frontier (Night) HR Points: 690 Environment: Unstable - Partbreaker Bro. Have given this note to a friendly Moofah in the vain hope it'll end up in the right hands. -Novice Felyne Stylist, Location: Marshlands Contract Fee: 3300z, I was in the Jungle pursuing a monster, but this crazy golden furball came leaping out at me. cough* I'm trying to trace the evolution of *cough* flying wyverns by examining the primitive *sniff* skeletal structure of the Tigrex. Subquest Reward: 5100z Reward: 18900z Contract Fee: 1100z, O Hunter sharp in mind and weapon true; Atop the Ruined Pinnacle it lies; A thund'rous beast with claws as sharp as steel, so proud and golden in its regal stride. Subquest Reward: 3000z The hub quests will have monsters with higher stats than their village counterparts, regardless of whether you're offline or not. Contract Fee: 0z, I see that steely glint in your eye. Subquest Reward: 2700z The Guild will cover your flight expenses, so gather all you wish. Maybe you could handle an Arzuros, too? Time Limit: 50 min. One of a hunter's most important weapons is resourcefulness, a quick wit, like the ability to read Valstrax's attacks in its wingtips. Subquest HR Points: 110 Contract Fee: 0z, Unique Ferns are tasty and all, but when people keep eating them, there are no specimens to research! Subquest Reward: 4500z Contract Fee: 400z, The Najarala around the village is making some pawful sounds! Contract Fee: 3500z, Listen! Can you go to the Arctic Ridge and hunt them both, maybe take a few snowballs for the team? Subquest Reward: 4200z - Arctic Ridge Watcher, Location: Ruined Pinnacle Reward: 24900z Subquest Reward: 1800z Subquest Reward: N/A Subquest Reward: N/A Reward: 56100z Contract Fee: 0z, In the Frontier there are Felynes in trouble. Subquest Reward: 1200z Are you familiar with the Tropical Berries that grow in the Desert? HR Points: 180 Cheers, pally! Rumor has it that there's one flitting about at the Ruined Pinnacle. Environment: Unstable -Reliable Villager, Location: Jurassic Frontier (Day) Can you help us out? Subquest Reward: 4800z I don't really care for such nonsense, myself, so I'll just ask you to clean out the Hyper Monsters at the Arctic Ridge. Reward: 3300z We need you to stop it before it does any serious damage! Snap to it! This time we'd like you to hunt a Nargacuga in the Jungle. Reward: 39600z Subquest Reward: 1200z Environment: Stable Contract Fee: 200z, Something's afoot, er, ahoof in the forest, Hunter. Environment: Stable -Bherna Chief, Location: Dunes HR Points: 950 Subquest Reward: 3600z Unlocks Coast and Volcano for G-Rank Meownster Hunter. Time Limit: 50 min. - Pub Manager, Location: Jungle Environment: Unstable I thought it was a giant boulder tumbling down the mountain, but no, it was a monster comin' to eat me! Reward: 12z We were ready for literally anything...except THOSE! He let slip that he can't stand how Seltas Queens crunch up Seltas. Subquest Reward: 1200z -Dedicated Biologist: Location: Volcano Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 100 Gather as much as you like, then deliver a Paw Pass Ticket from the Supply Box to return at any time. Break a leg! Reward: 36900z Environment: Unstable - Ace Lancer. - Zamtrios Maniac, Location: Frozen Seaway Environment: Stable Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest Reward: 900z Reward: 12z Please, Hunter, you have to do something, for their sake! Reward: 32400z HR Points: 560 Subquest HR Points: 30 Reward: 12600z Contract Fee: 300z, Psst! Well, I can't say it's a huge surprise. Subquest HR Points: 110 Feelin' good about it? - Young Settler Leader, Location: Ingle Isle Reward: 22800z Reward: 10800z Time Limit: 50 min. Would your brain go extra on the fritz or would the second batch cancel the first? Subquest Reward: 5100z HR Points: 1000 Contract Fee: 800z, Our team crash-landed on the Ruined Pinnacle, no thanks to a Gravios. Environment: Unstable Environment: Stable Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest HR Points: 100 HR Points: 210 Contract Fee: 2300z, I was herding a flock of Moofahs in the Verdant Hills, when suddenly along came a Rathian and a Rathalos! Contract Fee: 200z, Young Hunter, your hands seem idle. Please! Environment: Stable Environment: Stable Subquest HR Points: 60 HR Points: 1570 Subquest HR Points: 40 Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest Reward: 2700z But we're not going to let a little thing like that deter us. Time Limit: 50 min. Time Limit: 50 min. Its coming means ruin. Contract Fee: 1500z, Memo to the research team. If you could source a couple for me, I'll be sure to make it worth your while! Hey, you ever tried a royal smash? Subquest Reward: 4200z It was m-m-moving! Environment: Stable Subquest HR Points: 50 HR Points: 700 Environment: Unstable Reward: 12z But! Terrible things came splashing up from the river, and now everything's soaked! Subquest HR Points: N/A You gotta connect with your life force. HR Points: 1440 -Pokke Manager, Location: Sanctuary Reward: 2400z - Yukumo Sweetheart, Location: Ruined Pinnacle Environment: Stable Complete 2 or more 4★ Village Prowler Quests to unlock. But come wind or city- leveling monster, we're not giving up our dream! Subquest Reward: 1500z - Young Settler Leader, Location: Desert HR Points: 0 HR Points: 640 Environment: Stable Subquest HR Points: 120 -Veteran Paleontologist, Deliver 10 Unique Ferns or a Paw Pass Ticket, Location: Jurassic Frontier (Night) Contract Fee: 0z, Gatherin' is what sets a livin' hunter apart from a dead one. Subquest Reward: N/A If you gather me ten, I'll give you a cut of the profits. mhgu advanced: might is right That why you must hunt! Subquest HR Points: 120 Time Limit: 50 min. Subquest HR Points: 0 - Skeletal Old Timer, Location: Ingle Isle Contract Fee: 0z, Time to do some daytime gathering up on the Arctic Ridge! Research in that area can't continue until the threat has been dealt with. Subquest HR Points: 20 Those Hermitaurs act like they own the Dunes just beclaws there's more of them than there are of us! Take heart, and with weapon in hand, step forth, Hunter. Subquest Reward: 3300z I'm thinking of treating the Soaratorium crew to our special Hunting Fleet Fisherman's Rice, and the stuff I need's on the Deserted Island. - Royal Cook, Location: Desert Time Limit: 50 min. HR Points: 1530 ...But first, we'll need to help the advance team, as they've been beset by a Congalala! Then we'll need you to hunt a Khezu at the Arctic Ridge. Reward: 21600z Must complete two 8★ Village Prowler Quests to unlock. Time Limit: 50 min. Time Limit: 50 min. Environment: Unstable Our villain: the ultimate Najarala! Environment: Unstable Contract Fee: 0z, I've always thought the Jurassic Frontier must be a haven for gathering. Subquest Reward: 1200z O' course, a Lagiacrus is lurking there too, so you'll need to take care of that. Environment: Unstable Hyper Monsters fleeing the stench are hindering the recovery effort... What to do...? Environment: Unstable Could you help us out here? Contract Fee: 200z, You like kinoko? One of the *ahem* biggest barriers is a Deviljho roaming about. HR Points: 2760 - Jumbo Chief, Hunt a Gypceros, a Rathian, and a Yian Garuga, Location: Jungle Contract Fee: 0z, Interested in gathering at the Ancestral Steppe, are we? Reward: 600z Go and study under Mizutsune-sensei to learn how to move with grace! Environment: Unstable Reward: 27300z Reward: 18900z Just remember to deliver a Paw Pass Ticket once you've finished playing in the sand! Subquest HR Points: 0 There are a total of 76 gathering quests in the hub (from HR1-G4) including prowler quests. Environment: Stable Subquest HR Points: N/A Time Limit: 50 min. Environment: Stable HR Points: 530 Reward: 43800z Subquest Reward: 1800z Environment: Stable Time Limit: 50 min. If you win, I'll give you some more tips! Time Limit: 50 min. Reward: 4500z Reward: 13200z Subquest Reward: 600z Environment: Unstable Contract Fee: 2800z, A Brachydios has started loiterin' around the Deserted Island. DAMN IT!!! Environment: Unstable Environment: Unstable Subquest Reward: N/A Hurry back to the Hills and gather me some more. Subquest Reward: N/A It's such a nice day, I thought I'd go for a dip in the sea, but a Lagiacrus popped up and shocked me. - Charm-clutching Lady, Location: Desert Subquest HR Points: 80 What a to-do! Location: Misty Peaks (Night) Reward: 10800z Environment: Stable Contract Fee: 2700z, Dearie me! Time Limit: 50 min. Contract Fee: 600z, Th-This is terrible! It'll gobble up all the lovely Aptonoth if we're not careful! It's a tried and true recipe, but I think I can improve it with some Unique Ferns! Environment: Unstable Subquest Reward: 5100z Time Limit: 50 min. Contract Fee: 1200z, Turns out those newbie hunters of mine have the worst luck I've ever seen. Subquest Reward: N/A Subquest HR Points: 40 - Dreaming Explorer, Location: Wyvern's End -Caravaneer, Location: Arctic Ridge (Night) Subquest HR Points: 150 Subquest HR Points: 120 - Troubled Pharmacist, Location: Dunes Contract Fee: 1400z, I'm researching Hyperosity in monsters, and my experiments call for a Royal Ludroth. Time Limit: 50 min. You'll try it!? Now, two of them are hot on MY tail! I got a message from a noble from my country, who's hemmed in by a Blangonga, and out of food and fuel. Environment: Stable HR Points: 850 Subquest HR Points: 70 Subquest Reward: 2700z -Neko (Means "Cat"), Location: Jurassic Frontier (Day) Environment: Unstable Please, put an end to this pain. Contract Fee: 0z, I see you're interested in doing some gathering up at the Ruined Pinnacle. Contract Fee: 300z, You know, when comets stain the sky red, there are comet fragments to be had on the ground beneath! Could you hunt the Malfestio and make sure nobody else falls foul of it? Subquest Reward: N/A Reward: 27300z Environment: Unstable - Ace Commander, Location: Jungle Reward: 3600z Time Limit: 35 min. -Veteran Employer, Location: Verdant Hills (Night) If only a Volvidon and an Iodrome showed up at the Volcano right now and some incredibly helpful hunter decided to go hunt them down for me. I've prepared a Quest for you. Oh, is there nobody capable of doing this Quest? Contract Fee: 600z, Listen here, kid! Without it, ya can't survive! -Guild Manager, Location: Verdant Hills (Day) Another acolyte on the road to hunterlightenment? Time Limit: 50 min. Reward: 12z Contract Fee: 1300z, I heard about some of the life habits of Zamtrios and thought "Eureka! Contract Fee: 800z, Y'know, Prowler, even husbands out in nature have it tough. Actually, it was the Ruined Pinnacle, and I'd stumbled into Rathian territory. Adds the Rife Roast to the Bistro. Environment: Unstable Naturally I had to protect the townspeople, so I questioned him.