It allows you to add multiple Line-Breaks to your caption, bold and italicize your caption. Also check out Personal Finance Club! Instagram line breaks added through the app doesn’t work as it used to but this tool should help with that. CAPTION LENGTH. Invisible spaces on Instagram: Copy-paste a space . There is no need to use periods or commas that can ruin a great copy. It is an online application that lets you create and upload content for Facebook as well as Instagram right from your computer. It's 2018, almost 2019. Enjoy This Line Break To For IG Captions This tool allows you to add multi line breaks to your Instagram captions without using awkward characters & symbols like ‘.’ ‘-‘ etc. I wouldn't think that adding a line break to a block of text should be a complicated issue. We're not working with raw HTML here, or .txt files that don't have word wrap, or anything like that. How to Use: 1. Even IM clients – the few that are left – support line breaks. You can find a variety of tools introduced to automatically add line break in your Instagram caption. Add line breaks to your bio. Instagram line breaks not working?. It's no secret that in Instagram you can add a special invisible symbol that makes line break (special space in instagram). Turn on… Helpful? One of the best tools is the Creator Studio from Facebook . Instagram Line Break Caption Tool Create new lines and paragraph breaks for Instagram captions. Write or paste your text in a special field, add smiles (if you want) 2. Copy to Clipboard. Using our service, you can insert line breaks in the caption or bio you need in just 2 clicks. Seriously! 0 / 2200. Instagram hacks for your bio 7. ‎Line Breaks allows you to create beautiful captions for Instagram, TikTok, or any app that does not allows line breaks spacer. In that time Instagram was a clean, simple place for me to see what my friends were up to, I played around with filters on photos I took of my life on iPhones 4 thru 7 and I generally really enjoyed the platform. I first downloaded Instagram in 2011, I became a more active user of it in 2012 after more than half my friends started using the thing. Please help others find us by giving us a shout out on your blog, twitter or whatever! If you still need help on how to use the tool and how to create the line breaks on Instagram, then you should watch this YouTube video: This is a video that was made by us, in which you can see how it would look like to do this whole process from another phone. Use this tool. Whether you choose to do it with keyboard characters, emojis, or clean blank space, spacing on Instagram is going to change the way … There are only two basic reasons you may experience difficulty obtaining that glorious white space! Works quite well on Facebook too. Simply type your caption as you want it to appear and copy! The process is simple, copy this space between parenthesis ( ) and paste it wherever you want to insert a line break. How to use Insta-Space service? But, Instagram doesn’t necessarily make this easy for you. Type the caption with as many line breaks as you want 2. 1. Conclusion. And yet here we are, with Instagram eating any line break you try to add if it isn't added properly. Use separate lines to explain what your brand does in your Instagram bio. How to use this app. Instead of creating line breaks in the app, simply open up the Notes app on your phone and type your bio in there, line breaks and all. Great little tool from @albert on Instagram. This option is the cleanest for uploading your posts on Instagram. Keep reading to find out what they are and accompany those beautifully edited images with thoughtfully formatted captions.. There are some statistics that show that long-form content does perform better on Instagram, that’s why it can be frustrating when the social media app doesn’t allow you to add line breaks between paragraphs.