In cooperation with bus-operator Supratours the ONCF offers combination-tickets to many cities without a railway station. To travel by train in Morocco, buy your train tickets online via the given link. and also to docks and terminals to facilitate the removal and unloading of goods. Getting around Morocco by train is a great option for all types of travelers. They’re fast, cheap, and a great way to see some of the incredible landscape between cities. It is called Al-Boraq (البُراق‎) in reference to the mythical creature that transported the Islamic prophets. To travel by train from Safi in Morocco to Amsterdam in the Netherlands, the main route leads via Spain, France and Belgium. Connections to the rail network of the country’s main ports (Casablanca, Jorf Lasfar, Tanger Med and Nador, etc.) The Casablanca Voyageurs station is the main railway station in Casablanca, with the smaller Casa Port Railway Station located nearby.This secondary station, Casa Port, only deals with commuter trains and very few of the trains that leave Casa Voyageurs stop here. Connection to the ports. Your travel route could be like that. There's only two trains per day and it's likely you will find it more convenient to travel by bus or collective grand taxi (pay for four seats so you get the whole of the back seat to yourself). The total CO2 Emission for your Casablanca - Marrakesh-Safi train trip is 13.72 kg; Your total cost to travel by train from Casablanca to Marrakesh-Safi is about 16.0 USD (~132.3 MAD) Heading Inland: From Casablanca, take the train inland to the red city of Marrakesh, Morocco's premier tourism destination, famed for its walled medina and the Djemaa el-Fna. Safi is at the end of a spur line from Benguérir, a stop on the Casablanca to Marrakech line (closer to Marrakech than Casablanca). Stations served. ONCF is offering train passengers an exclusive discount on Saturday, February 29. Existing However at night they beetle past so it only takes about five hours. While there isn’t an extensive network of trains, you’ll find that the majority of tourist destinations in … Casablanca to Essaouira takes about seven hours during the day as they go into Safi and out again. Tickets to select destinations will cost only MAD 29 (almost $3). Updated: March 2020. 1a Travelling from Marrakesh (Morocco) to Safi (Morocco). High speed rail. There is no train line between the two cities which is why many people go to Marrakesh first. On 26 November 2018, the first high-speed rail line linking Casablanca and Tangier was launched. These destinations are not included in the list below. The network of the national railway of Morocco was renovated the past years and several high-speed-connections will follow. 1 Safi (Morocco) - Tangier (Morocco) - Algeciras (Spain) - Barcelona (Spain) - Paris (France) - Amsterdam (Netherlands) 2506 km