Since the time Huawei Y6p was released in the market and people started buying it, it seems to be a hard nut to crack when it comes to installing Google Play Services on it. c est fait. How to Install Google Play on Huawei. DOWNLOAD: GMS Installation Files for Huawei Y6p. Comment installer Google Play sur le téléphone Huawei. Et ce sont les suivants: # 1 – Télécharger Google Play et installer via APK. However, the international version of Huawei phones can and should include Google Apps. Step 1: Download Huawei HiSuite on your PC. How to install Google Apps on Huawei phones – a new method Efe Udin February 26, 2020 There is no official way to install Google apps on Huawei smartphones like the Mate 30 Pro. Step 4: After installing those Apps on Step 1 and 2, connect your Huawei phone to your PC via USB cable and set it to File … DOWNLOAD: Huawei Y6p Google Play Store Replacement App. However, the phones do not have Android’s official app store Play Store. Au printemps 2019, le gouvernement Trump plaçait Huawei Technologies sur son « entity list », une liste d’entreprises et d’organisations considérées comme suspectes avec lesquelles les groupes américains ne peuvent plus commercer librement.Conséquence immédiate, le chinois a dû rompre sa collaboration commerciale avec Google. j' ai énormément de mal à télécharger des logiciels , je n accède pas à Google play et l app de Huawei ne me donne accès à rien d intéressant. Huawei’s phones, which cannot benefit from Google services, still come with Android installed. I have tried it on a Huawei Y7P and have successfully installed the Play Store, and subsequently, the rest of the Google apps. But an easy method, Huawei allows the Play Store to be installed on the phones. GMS for Huawei Y6p has been a problem for many people who could not get google play services to run on the phone. quelqu'un peut il me dire si je dois jeter de suite mon, Huawei y6p ou si je peux utiliser Google ne voulais pas me ruiner!!!! ai je mal configuré mon téléphone au départ. The method here is simple and straightforward. At the initial time, the Chat Partner procedure worked with the phone and later stopped working. Method 5: Install Google Play Store or GMS on Honor V6 Google services framework. Don’t worry, you are in the right place. So, there is no need to install Google Play Store on these international versions of Huawei smartphones.. According to the source, it should also work on the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Accédez à Huawei App Drawer> Paramètres Step 3: As you can see, you need a PC to run through the process. Huawei y6p no google play store No problemFor massager viber: - Advertisement - Install Google Play Store and Google Play Services on Huawei Y5P, Huawei Y6P, Huawei Y7P, Huawei Y8P, and even other Huawei phones. En ce qui concerne l'installation de Google Play sur les téléphones Huawei qui ne sont pas fournis avec Google Mobile Services, vous avez deux options potentielles. Step 2: Download the Lazy App and Google Apps from here. Huawei can no longer use Google services as a result of the US blacklisting Huawei. XDA TV‘s TK Bay recently published a video about getting Google Play Services on the Huawei Mate 30 … For the fact that you are reading this post means that you are looking for the GMS installation file of Huawei Y6p. Take note that you still won’t be able to install Netflix or other streaming services that require copy protection. Method 1: Install Google Play Store on Huawei Y6p Via APK FileSince this is a quiet lengthy article, we have added a […]