Most people find it weird that I’d care so much for a little betta, but I love animals so much and I want to educate people on these wonderful fish. With that 1-gallon tank, when you place decorations or plants inside, you are displacing the water volume further to far less than 1-gallon. Be careful of sharp edges on hideouts and decorations. A change in color, getting more vibrant for example, is no reason for alarm. He is also my second betta to have owned (my first was Rainbow and he lived 5 years). Thank you so much for your feedback and that’s awesome Meg. Thank you for all the great info! I have conflicting advice. For bubbles, if they are on the surface of the water, that sounds like your betta made a bubble nest. CT: crown tail , désigne un betta ayant la queue en couronne. I was only going to use the siphon when I did cycles, but a turkey baster sounds easier for a quick sweep of the gravel, plants, etc. Thank you for your web site! But I won’t sleep tonight if I killed the snail.) Also I read somewhere that once/week it’s ok/good for a betta to ‘fast’ and to give him a cooked pea. He seems super happy so I don’t want to stress him out, but if I can keep a low flow, I’m thinking it’ll help keep the tank safer in between cycles/changes. Betta Plakat Black 4-5; Betta Plakat Black 4-5. I believe she’s ready because she doesn’t run from him. With proper care, your betta could live up to ten years despite their average life of 2-4 years. Also, what is the white debris/bubbles in my tank? Betta fish can get oxygen from the water through their gills, or more commonly by gulping air at the surface of the water by using their labyrinth organ. Donner au Betta juste ce qu'il peut consommer en deux minutes, une … What size tank are you using? The lights are definitely nowhere near as bright as the daytime light. It lived in a small bowl, Was happy, and used no water conditioner. Thank you. I’ll try a java fern, and some silk plants. This establishes a regular day and night pattern, regulating their internal biological clock. Their stomach is roughly the size of their eye and pellets can expand after they’re ingested. With proper care, it’s also common for a betta’s colors to change or become more vivid. On choisira généralement de la Volvic , possédant des paramètres très bon pour un Betta. Show quality Male Plakat Betta for sale. However, I am only able to get a betta, which are also beautiful, so I’m not complaining. When I moved him to a hospital tank (he lives alone btw) he had blood coming from under the pine coning. Sounds like she doesn’t like the kind you have. Larger tanks are easier to maintain nitrogen cycles and temperature and require less frequent cleanings. The Plakat, or Plakad, is a short-tailed Betta, and is the most closely related to wild Betta splendens or traditional fighting Bettas. Cloudy water can be caused by not rinsing new substrate or filter media before it’s added to the tank? Or should I be trying to cover up the light with tape over the night time? I’m crossing my fingers and hopefully a stroke of luck comes my way and I’ll finally be able to take him home and give him the care he deserves. Is your tank near direct sunlight? Does such a thing exist? Filters and their media should be cleaned by rinsing them in existing tank water to preserve healthy bacteria. I have no clue of why he does this and he’s been doing this since day one, I’ve had him for 8 months. That can speed up algae growth. Mimic a betta fish’s natural habitat to reduce stress. * Indicates required field. I just love all this information. I cant find it on the web. Upgraded 1 betta tank from 1.6-gallons to a 5.2-gallon aquarium, will be upgrading the kids’ betta tank as well!! I’m excited because they are all in the same tank; so far so good… Is it safe to assume I will now need a filter? But today I’m noticing his waters a bit cloudy; not so crystal clear. My guess is your larger tank has faster moving water, and the smaller tank – the water is more still causing the film to stay intact. Do they need to be the only fish in one tank, or are there certain fish that they can cohabitate with that they won’t attack? How are you? Bettas love places to hide so they can feel safe, especially when sleeping. Consider fasting your betta one day a week for digestive health. I tried to give you all the details without writing you an essay lol. Vacuum up uneaten food and waste. Wonderful info. and i tht he was dead . The next day he was bright, ate his pellets (we give him one in morning and one at night) and starting coming to the front when I’d come in the room and talk to him. If you’re going away for 2-3 days, never add extra food to compensate. Mode repro: ... Betta splendens fait parti du complexe 'splendens' avec : Our bettas are hand-selected from the best farms in Thailand. When you pay closer attention to your betta, sometimes you see things that may or may not have been there before. ), it ends up in the tank’s water. One of them is natural and the other one is blue. This is gonna be kinda sad, just a fair warning. Water quality declines as ammonia builds up from waste and uneaten food. They both require the same water parameters, food, tank size, and decorations/plants. Regular bleach that is free of detergents and perfumes is another excellent and powerful cleaning option; especially after disease. Betta fish prefer their water’s pH to be slightly acidic. Betta fish need specific food because they are carnivorous and like meat. Hello! If it’s less than 5 gallons, ammonia can build up fast. I am worried about my last two betta fish, They’re acting a little weird. At least maybe the changing lights. Do not clean an aquarium, substrate, decoration with soap. Wal Mart continues to sell them. That is not a suitable permanent long-term habitat for Tempest to remain healthy in, and you’ll also need a heater to maintain the right temperature. Il faut viser une température optimum de 25 degrés en évitant au possible de descendre en dessous car à terme cela fragilise son Betta et l'expose aux maladies. They do best in the pH range of 6.5 to 7.5 (7 is neutral). He is a beautiful black orchid male (I think he is the product of some mixed breeding as I do not know if he’s a veiltail or not). Also, direct sunlight will cause algae to grow much faster. Yeah, they are temporary housing Rita because of their aggression towards their species and other brightly colored or long finned fish. If that’s the case, it may be necessary to reduce stress. It is relatively inexpensive to obtain, and there is abundant stock in the local fish shop. Last check was at 7. In order to avoid excessive algae, would it be acceptable to leave the blue light on during the day, say from 7am to 4pm, the bright light from 4pm to bedtime, and everything off a night? I treated the original tank, which is ten gallons. La cohabitation avec des crevettes de taille suffisante (4cm minimum) reste possible. The original drawing is 8x10 inches on Mixed Media paper.The image was scanned in high resolution so it looks like the original art. . What do i have to do to take care of them because i read your atricle vut says they need different care. This is cruel and should never be done! Now I’m wondering should I put some live plant in it to keep the ammonia level low. Perform water cyclings and/or 100% changes on tanks 5 gallons or larger. Check heaters, filters and other equipment. I am going to upgrade him to a 5 gallon glass eventually, but based on his behavior, do I need to upgrade him sooner than later? Distilled white vinegar and regular bleach can be used as cleaning agents. Visit the FAQ library or comment below. Based on what you said, it does sound like color-changing and regrowth and not an ailment, but you’re welcome to send me an email at if you’d like. He is near a window. He is about one year since we bought him. You don’t seem to be experiencing any of that though, but keeping one day per week for fasting may be ideal to make the poop more regular and frequent. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the filter’s flow rate, and whether it puts out a current that is too strong for a betta fish. The blue light is fine, so long as you don’t keep it on all day, every day – and give them time to rest/sleep in the darkness. Sounds like stress without seeing a photo. Fish can adapt, and generally people cause more harm trying to get a “perfect” number and causing constant swings and abrupt changes in parameters. Plus you’ll enjoy him or her that much more if they have ample space to put on a show. Cold water can lead to stress and health issues. If it does, the plant or hideout will likely snag a betta’s delicate fins too. This means he’s trying to attract a mate/female and is healthy. Every 2-3 days I have had to replenish the water (2-3 C.) as it has been evaporating. Still, have questions? They also got 50% water changes every month, and were fed betta pellets and peas. So, can this turkey baster be your typical kitchen utensil that is strictly used for an aquarium (and not for human food)? This was heightened from selective breeding in the 1800s and is still a part of their genetic makeup. If your tank is getting dirty faster, check the last time you’ve changed your filter media. If Chronos is still eating, active, and has a spunky personality then you are probably doing just fine. I’m now giving him bettafix, first week he was back to his old self, now hes back hiding again,. Please note that there are other approaches to fish tank maintenance. This is why bettas don’t require air pumps. Any abrupt changes cause stress and can exacerbate the problem. Also, he has 2 silver strips of color on his red fins, is that normal? I don’t want him to fall ill and I definitely don’t want him to die! I have to feed them…. They were given as party favors at a birthday party my daughter was invited to. I have him in a 2.5 gallon tank (treated water, tested at PetSmart, slow filter, heater made for this size tank, thermometer, hammock, wisteria plant, moss ball, smooth glass beads). Ph is 6.5. The fastest way to reduce ammonia is to do a partial water change and add in new conditioned water. Is that a good thing for the fish? There is a slight possibility I might get my first betta today and it’s a bit of an emergency buy if he’s still at the store today. Use test strips to monitor water parameters. Betta fish are a beautiful and intelligent species of fish and deserve proper care. Males and females can require different types of care before, during and after breeding, but that’s more advanced than basic care. You should be doing roughly one 20-25% water changes per week and a full change only as necessary. I’ve had my eyes on him since around September, and he’s been having fin rot. You can use this product or others like it as long as you properly dose it for 6-gallons. Le BETTA SPLENDENS est un petit poisson d'eau douce tropicale connu dans le commerce sous le nom de "combattant du Siam". Maybe 1/4-gallon tank, no decorations or heat, just an empty bowl. I am planning on getting a betta fish and I have a 10 gallon tank that I have used for other fish in the past. Hello Kathy – I recommend getting a heater that has a built-in thermostat so it shuts off at 78 degrees Fahrenheit and turns on when it goes below that. That’s awesome! The second one sounds like potential stress or water that is too cold. Hi Bryan. I never thought about them having a weaker immune system either. Hi! Someone suggested not feeding him for a couple of days. I turned onthe filter and it made him alert but the poor thing is low on water, in the dark, cold and drafty . He still has a little bulge on the back end where I think the swim bladder is. I read this article and other and have set up the tank and water properly with all the accessories and appliances needed. I also attached the top loading filter that it came with and put it in an area where I can plug it in; it also has a light attached to it. but lately the tank has been getting dirtier a lot faster. I got a net breeding tank and put the 2 of them in before feeding the rest. Is this okay for my betta? Hi Bryan, you have an awesome site! I never said the plants were there to act as a filter. Hi! There is the traditional Plakat where the tail is rounded, sometimes with a point. It’s hard to say whether he is dying or not without more information. He never came out from hiding except to eat but he would eat only one pellet of food he would also wedge himself in a split part of a moss ball I need help on what to do and fast. Also getting him to flare can sometimes induce pooping. I didn’t know what would happen to the fish if they didn’t get taken so that’s why I’m here now, trying to learn about these guys. I feel so sorry for the poor Bettas I see in pet stores stuck in those bowls, so many of them. Habitat, temperature and food – These are the three areas which determine the life of your Betta. Maintain a tropical habitat at 76-81 degrees Fahrenheit. They work in the store and did not know they sell Bettas. I have a thermometer and often it reads somewhere in the 80’s or 90’s and then I have to unplug it. I’ve had them in there for a few months now, low flow filter, 50 watt heater, and tons of silk plants. Also can you give me an idea a routine to take care of my fish like feeding, cleaning, check the waters temperature, ect. (Nobody wanted him because he was brown). Purchase an aquarium-safe thermometer to record the water’s temperature. Is this true? Hello Angelina – yes you will need to upgrade the size of the tank to a minimum of 2.5-gallons. Please update us, if you have a moment. It’s very rare to see a betta fish poop, so that’s not surprising you haven’t. I’ve never had any fish since when I was around four years old, and those were goldfish that died pretty quickly, so obviously I’m new at all this. When changing the temperature and water conditions, do it slowly and methodically. Thank you! The size of the tank determines the strength of the heater – so the water doesn’t get too hot. Imagine how thrilled my husband was. Once you go to choose, you’ll know. Average Lifespans, Swim up to investigate when you get close to their habitat, Are aggressive and may flare at you or other stimuli, Loss of appetite for extended periods of time. Males should also never be housed with a female unless they are breeding for short periods of time and then separated. I also bought a small flat heater for him since its kinda cold in my area. Femelles plus dociles. Am I doing the right thing? There is very little information about feeding them Betta flakes, so how much should i give him? Not eating either. Get the best deals on Plakat Betta when you shop the largest online selection at Hi! Cleaning will depend on the size of the tank, but partial water changes ~25% with new conditioned water a couple times a week are very important to keep clean water coming in. They get their food and everyone else gets theirs. Betta fights are not, as many people believe, fights to the death. La dureté Totale (GH) idéale se situe aux alentours de 10 GH. Plants won’t replace a filter, but they definitely do help. This is a hand signed print from my Freshwater Aquatics prints collection. I feed him 2 pellets in the morning and 2 or 3 in the evening. It happens all the time and is a very sad way to lose a betta. Water cycling refers to the nitrogen cycle, and partial water changes are just removing a portion of the tank’s total volume. A systematic maintenance schedule must be adhered to. Please read all of the information about betta care on this website and get an aquarium with a filter and heater. Typically, betta fish at Petco are around 6-12 months old so they should have a lot of life left in them. We carry male, female, multicolor, galaxy koi betta fish, half moon plakat and other types of betta … So I’m not having a heater. And : Above: a male Plakat Betta for sale in our fish store.. Their quality has really improved in recent years and look almost identical to the real deal. Fast for a couple more days and see if things improve. I’ve been trying to convince my mom, she thinks small tanks, vases, bowls, etc are fine and we don’t exactly have a ton of money set aside for the best betta tank on the market. An ammonia flare up can be from using a habitat that’s too small, or from not having a proper nitrogen cycle established. What is the answer to this abuse? The tank has a filter and a heater as well as a lid and a light. Do not let the mixture stay on any aquarium or decoration’s surface longer than 10 minutes. I did a lot of reading before setting up his tank and I’ve read that the GH needs to be 25ppm or lower and the KH needs to be 80ppm or higher. You can also add Indian Almond Leaves which can help prevent/cure the fin rot too. If you’re only cycling the water, don’t remove your betta. What about these plants on top of the tank set ups? you spelled your name wrong . This is my first time buying snails and I’m wondering if I’m doing too much by adding the snails? My daughter works at Kindercare day care. Could I have a bad filter or maybe I need a smaller filter? The only time a heater is not required is if the surrounding temperature in the room the tank is in is at least 78 degrees Fahrenheit. The best way to tell how the water is, or what to look out for, is ammonia building up which is invisible and you’ll need to use aquarium water test strips. This way you don’t have to worry about the water getting too cold or too hot. I’ve already had a male and female baby betta. I’m a new owner of a Betta. Eviter de donner trop d'aliments gras comme les Tubifex, ou constipants comme les vers de vase. Your GH reading at 75ppm is okay for a betta fish. He poops good too. If you wanted to go another health-promoting route, you could use Indian Almond Leaves. He’s active and eats well. He’s always ready to eat. Am I doing something wrong? You can add a couple decorations, plants, or a leaf hammock, that’s a better habitat than emptiness. A filter is relatively inexpensive and is best when included with an entire setup. Thank you. Check water quality and pH levels. My heart breaks at the thought of him dying in that tiny cup or at the hands of an irresponsible owner. Never place 2 males, or a male and female in the same tank unless breeding. 20 watts). Ammonia and other toxins will build up faster unless you like doing daily water changes and cleanings – depending on your tank’s size. He may eat one pellet then runs to the bottom. He is lethargic. It’s only been a week in the new tank. the betta would be staying in my room, as the reptiles do and as a result, would be affected by the heat lamps i use for them. My only concern is although the tank is a little over a foot deep, the circulation on the water up near the surface might be too much for him. If cost is an issue, I will gladly PayPal you the amount you spend on his heater. Have not read your comments before so wonder if you touch on their skin problems. So: what’s the line on my girls nose Still a chore to swim down but is getting better. Please read the acclimation page. You will need a 2.5-gallon or larger tank with a lid/cover. Should I go ahead and start to acclimate him? Hi Paxx – I am in the process of working on guides for equipment, sorry they aren’t up yet! His color seems to be fading all over. Betta fish flakes are okay to feed, usually 3-4 flakes per feeding, although I don’t prefer flakes and recommend a high-quality pellet instead. 2.5 gallons). Unnecessary removal can lead to potential stress and injury. I bought a 2.8L glass bowl and planter with LED base lamp whic doesn’t have a lid. Check pH and bacteria levels. I also have another fish that is sick. You’re not feeding him a lot, but he could still be bloated from constipation. The darker is the better and a blue led light is the best but don’t leave it on all day. So, fishy has definitely been less bloated than before and is making progress. If you’re going away for more than 2-3 days, visit our vacation guide. Nitrate should be less than 40 parts per million (ppm). It’s possible for a betta to live a long time in poor housing, but it’s a dull and boring life for them. Poor little guy! The weirdest part is my boy has been building a bubble nest for over a week now. How often to feed as the fish loves two pellets twice daily but I was told feed 2-3 x week…. you say that the beta needs a day night schedule. On évitera l'eau du robinet, qui est souvent trop dure et trop riche en nitrate. I went out and bought medicines to treat it and she died a couple hours later. It was difficult to tell as he is black with iridescent coloring. I did not notice that before my last full cleaning that a lot of water had evaporated from the tank leaving the water level BELOW THE FILTER! I hope to get more soon if these last. Any suggestions? Thanks. Plakats can often be mistaken for female Bettas to the untrained eye, however, males will display elongated ventral fins, a rounded caudal fin and a sharply pointed anal fin. Good luck to you both. they,my neighbor, turned off his filter, the heat in house is 60 degrs. This makes them more desirable for some hobbyists. i was/am still a prof pet sitter, at 18 hr. I’ve had other fish before but never a betta. Because of this, you should cycle more than you do a complete change. The most common ingredients are meat, fish, and shrimp. Elongated, slanted anal fin is the main defining characteristic. Live plants are ideal for their added cleaning benefits. I have a filter. Theresa:). One of our snails isn’t doing great, so I’m preparing to do a partial today and take a whiff of the snail and make sure he’s not dead. The ph and water temp are good. Do not feed your betta other tropical fish food because they need a specific protein-rich diet. We bought a new tank with some live moss balls and a tiny little cave for it. Today there’s another one but smaller. Pretty sad. If you use a Quick Start product to introduce healthy bacteria into the tank immediately, it will be a lot sooner. Aren’t they so cool? There are over 70 different species of betta fish, with the betta splenden being for sale in pet stores. Again, she was only about two months old. I picked up some suction cupped plants to stick up on the glass but he still seems to find his reflection in other areas. Use a magnetic or algae cleaning wand for regular algae removal while the tank is filled. He is in a 3 gallon tank and is only a year old. They won’t and it will only dirty the tank. Just received a Crowntail Betta, blue, love his tail spread out. Did you treat the new water with water conditioner? He’s laying at the bottom. By the way I use pellets. Your fish will be swimming in its own waste and over time can lead to illness or even death. and symmetrical (should look like modern halfmoon with proper form, but with shorter fins). Betta mâle Plakat Dumbo. Thanks! We fasted him then gave him 1/4 of a pea. Males make a bubble nest in anticipation of mating, where they will take care of the eggs in the bubble nest. Hi, I’m planning to buy a betta fish and I was just asking if it is fine to keep it with a filter sponge as my tank is small for the other filter types. Petco did not treat him well. Today it seems as though his pure white fins are slightly discolored. Will he have the same reflection issues in the glass tank? Yes, all new water going into the tank should be treated with conditioner to remove harmful things like chlorine. It can be done, it’s just more work. It is safe to put my betta fish into the tank??? Out of all the blogs, post, Aquarium shops say Im still not convinced. You’ll need some test strips to monitor parameters. Hi Lulu – I think it’s great you are researching before buying a betta fish instead of after! The thing is, this is my first fish that I’ve had to take care of, as the angel fish I only had as a small child. One of the most common issues linked to poor betta health is sustained exposure to increased levels of ammonia and nitrites. If you’re reading this, chances are you already have your betta fish at home. Think your betta fish may be sick? This comment was from 2016, but I do appreciate your advice and care to another person who was in need. He should definitely get used to his reflection within a week or so. He does go to the top to gulp air but seems to prefer to hang out at about six to 8 inches down. As a betta owner, you should always be monitoring the health of your fish and watching out for any indicators of concern. stretches at a time, over 21 years as company owner & walker/sitter to us, there is no such creature as “only”, not in *my* vernacular. Dulling colors or loss of color however indicates stress. You can purchase a fish tank backdrop image (scenic underwater photo) that you can tape to the back to reduce the amount of glare and cause of reflection. It’s totally normal for a Betta put pellets in the mouth and spit out. Even the moon provides a little light, but we want to avoid sunlight-level light at night as best as possible. I live in India and here average day temperature is 33°C and night temperature around 28°C. I may be getting some bettas soon and ive never had one before, however i do keep multiple reptiles. If it’s food or other debris, try using a turkey baster or aquarium gravel vacuum to keep things clean without the need to do 100% changes so often. Breathing looks labored. I just don’t know because no one recommends 10 gallon tanks for betta fish. should be replaced if they were soaked in bleach. If you’ve read this page, it has all of the major things you should be concerned with. If it has been sitting for months and you’ve rinsed everything extremely well the tank should be fine without needing to purchase new equipment. If you notice he is struggling a lot and is lifeless, then you may decide that is no quality of life for him and opt for euthanasia to end any suffering. The noise will not bother them. Do you need to have an oxygen blower, or aerator for a betta fish? Everything Betta! All the water stuff is kinda confusing but I just want the best I can do for him. One of them was extremely aggressive and is now in her own 3 gallon tank. Not sure about it’s sex. About once a month I find a blob of poop, about 3/4 size of a small pea, at the bottom of the aquarium. I’ve had Blue for about a month. BETTA YELLOW DRAGON HMPK MALE $ 25.00 Add to cart BETTA GOLDEN DUMBO EAR HMPK FEMALE $ 23.00 Add to cart BETTA WHITE DUMBO EAR HMPK MALE $ 25.00 Add to cart BETTA BLACK LIGHT VEILTAIL VT MALE $ 35.00 Read more All artificial plants and leaves should be silk if possible. If I were you, I would not purchase on from Wal-Mart – stick to a place that cares for them better. If your room is dark and the tank light is on, it will also provide a greater reflection. That will depend on whether it’s filtered or not. Or is there something more specific that I can find at the pet store? petco pfff. Hi Ciara, yes I would work on getting a larger habitat. Snails can be fickle in a new tank and often die due to stress or change in water parameters, and they only have a lifespan of about a year for most types. Hi, Ranjan that’s great. There digital thermonitor its at 77. This is in regards to my brown (I bought him this way) male betta fish named Merlin. Do you know what this could be? It mightjust be natural since my other Betta slowly turned orange. So hopefully you have good results. Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, are very common with beginner aquarists. A clean habitat promotes a healthy and happy betta fish. Males are the opposite being larger in size, they have brighter coloring (bright green, blue, red, etc. There are 3 sub-categories related to this tail type. Once you add a baffle sponge to the filters output tube to slow down the filter flow for betta fish it’s a beautiful and functional tank. Btw our tank is a 2.5. Hi, my beta recently just passed away, i feel broken. I’m very very worried about my baby. When the battered combatants are separated and their wounds treated by medicating their water and they are kept clean and well fed, healing is very quick. I recommend some testing strips to monitor the water parameters, they help remove a lot of the uncertainty behind water. What’s wrong? He spends 90% of his day flaring at himself, diving aggressively down to the floor, and then going up for air. If he occasionally is curious and gets pushed down by the water entering the tank, that’s no big deal. I just don’t want to risk doing something wrong and making him worse. Haha, I had a betta that used to like eating like that too instead of at the surface.